Mount Milligan Mine


billion pounds copper in proven and probable reserves


million ounces gold in proven and probable reserves (second largest gold reserve in Canada)


year mine life (life of mine strip ratio steady at 0l.84/1)

Mount Milligan is a copper and gold mine located approximately 90 miles northwest of Prince George in central British Columbia, Canada. The Mount Milligan Mine is a conventional truck-shovel open pit mine and 60,000 tonnes per day copper flotation concentrator. The phased start-up commenced on August 15, 2013, followed by the first production of copper-gold concentrate in September 2013. The mine achieved commercial production in February 2014 and design capacity mill throughput of 60,000 tonnes per day at year-end December 2015. The company is moving forward with the construction of the permanent secondary crushing circuit, which is expected to be completed in the third quarter of 2016, followed by commissioning in the fourth quarter of 2016. Once completed and commissioned, design average daily mill throughput is expected to increase to 62,500 tonnes per day and above.



A key consideration in the planning for the mine is ensuring that Mount Milligan is a valued partner in the communities in which we operate and in which our employees, contractors and suppliers live. The practice of working with our partners is one avenue Thompson Creek Metals uses to demonstrate our commitment to community enhancement. It is also a way for the company to play a constructive role in supporting the efforts of individuals and organizations committed to building a strong, sustainable region. This philosophy complements and extends the larger contribution to sustainability made by the company's successful business activities.


The Mount Milligan project team is working together with communities, First Nations and stakeholders to create sustainable economic, social and environmental benefits during and beyond the life of the mine. Our goal is to support and leverage the development of local communities' capacity for a better future, and ensure our shareholders and general public remain informed and confident of our business practices.

The practice of working with our partners to invest in local organizations and institutions is one avenue Thompson Creek Metals uses to demonstrate its commitment to community enhancement. It is also a way for the company to play a constructive role in supporting the efforts of individuals and organizations committed to building a better society. This philosophy complements and extends the far larger contribution to community sustainability made through the company's successful business activities. Download our community investment guidelines and application form here.

We are committed to building durable relationships with local First Nations and with local communities to help them plan and develop policies, programs and projects that will contribute to their long-term social, economic and environmental sustainability.

Community Sustainability Committee

Established in May 2008, the Mount Milligan Community Sustainability Committee (CSC) is an advisory group composed of representatives of area municipalities, regional districts, First Nations, educational institutions and economic development organizations. We chose the name of this committee to emphasize its role in advising on sustainability performance. The CSC is a vehicle for sharing information about the project with key opinion leaders, who in turn share this information with their constituencies. The Committee also serves as a forum for communities of interest to raise questions and concerns for the consideration of the mine management.

The CSC meets quarterly. Minutes of the recent meetings are posted below.


We are committed to developing local policies and procedures minimizing the impact of mining on thenatural landscape, and to work in consultation with First Nations, community partners and government agencies to monitor, mitigate and protect the environment. Please review "Policies" to read our Environmental Health and Safety Policy.

Work With Us

Work With Us

Why Mount Milligan?

The state-of-the-art processing plant will be built around a 40-foot Semi-Autogenous Grinding (SAG) mill --one of only six mills of its kind in the world, and the largest in North America. The 100% CAT equipment fleet consists of all new equipment, including 793 haul trucks and 495 electric shovels. In addition, the mine will be a zero discharge facility: surface water drainage from operations will be directed into the tailing storage facility rather than flowing to local streams, which helps protect the environment.

Work Conditions

The six core values that guide our efforts are: safety is paramount; act with integrity and trust; value employees; be environmentally responsible; deliver value to stakeholders, and build a culture of empowerment. Our commitment to safety is evidenced by our achievement for recording more than 5 million hours at Mount Milligan without a Lost Time Incident from commencement of construction of the project through early May 2013.

We are committed to earning a reputation as a valued partner in the communities in which we operate.

Learn with Us. Grow with Us

From internal programs to mentor talent to external courses offered in conjunction with the local College of New Caledonia and provincial institutions, including BCIT and UNBC, building and operating a new mine creates many opportunities to learn with us and grow with us.


We offer an extensive employee benefit package including; dental, extended health, medical service plan, and a share purchase plan.

Living and Working

Our Communities

Mount Milligan is located between the communities of Fort St. James and Mackenzie in north central British Columbia. The mine site is about 1.5 hour drive from either community.

We would like to see as many employees as possible live within the local communities.


We also recognize that some of the best people may be based outside of the immediate area. To help increase our employment catchment area, we offer a permanent operations residence for those employees who commute long distances.

Job Opportunities

Please click on the "Careers" tab to view current job opportunities at all of our locations.



Mount Milligan introduced a monthly newsletter after concentrate production began in the second half of 2013. With operations underway, the first edition of the Mount Milligan News was released at the beginning of November.

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